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Spring Celebration is Coming Near

Stone Ridge Towne Center

Many thanks to those who made time last week for the Forte Program at Stone Ridge. I wish the piano were better and the audience bigger, but sometimes it just doesn't matter about the instrument or how we promoted ourselves. These programs are opportunities to use what we're learning to make someone else's day a bit cheerier. We may not actually know the results, but when we do our best, I'm just thankful for the privilege that is ours.

Recital Program Cover Contest

What do you imagine should be on the cover of the Spring Recital program? Maybe flowers? Pianos? Maybe butterflies? Let your imagination flow and design away to make a wonderful cover for us. All entries are due no later than Friday, March 28 and the winner will be chosen by an adult who has nothing to do with the studio.

More complete directions & details are available at your lessons so pick up a paper & get creating. While using the given worksheet is great, if you need to do it multiple times, any clean white sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 size paper will be fine.

Sign-ups for Your Recital time

You've probably already put the Spring Recital down on your calendar for Saturday, April 27 but it's still necessary for you to visit this page to reserve your spot for the Spring Recital. This year Recital or Celebration Times are 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Although we have designated times depending on your teacher, by inserting your name on the page of your choice, or that you are given, will ensure to us that you're on board and are making plans to be there. The link to this sign-up page will be made available via email to you by Monday morning.

Please make every effort to be there as it's expected of everyone who takes lessons at Forte to participate in the Spring Recital.

Change of Venue

Some of you have been around for several recitals and we've always gone to the same place. This year for the first time the Spring Recital will be held at New Beginnings Charis Fellowship Church right along 422 here in Myerstown.

York Symphony

Come see Tracy Ensley, one of our teachers, play with the York Symphony, Saturday, March 9. Concerts are held at the Appell Center for the Performing Arts in York. The theme for this program is Video Game Music. Visit the website to get tickets. So fun!

Need a Piano?

Are you looking for a piano? There may be several possibilities that we might recommend for you. Lebanon Valley College is getting rid of some of their practice room pianos at $500-$800. These would be well maintained instruments. Other, cheaper options may be available too. Let your teacher know!

Lost and Found

A watch was found in the hallway sofa. Please let me know if it's yours. Also, someone lost an earring. Anyone?

Ten-Month Tuition Reminder

Our 2023-24 year is from September through June so you're paying a 10-month subscription for the 36 lessons. Some teachers will have completed the 36-lesson commitment early in June while other teachers, because of sickness or misses, will complete those lessons late in June. Somewhere along the way you have had, or will have, a more vacant month meaning you've paid the whole month but only got 1 or 2 lessons. That happens to everyone, but remember we don't pay by the lesson, but a flat monthly fee divided between the 10 months.

Summer Piano

I sent a link in the last communication about summer offerings. That has changed a bit but I'll explain more of that in the next blog. This has already been plenty to read.

See you next time!


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