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The recital is now only days away. There is loads of room so all are welcome! As a reminder, you are coming to New Beginnings Fellowship here in Myerstown. It sits right along 422 beside Country Fare. Please enter the main doors and we'll choose a section to sit down front.

If you are unsure of what time your student is participating, please ask to confirm. Recitals are at 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00. It's helpful to many students to arrive early so they have a chance to try the piano for a quick minute. To try the piano prior to playing, please come 30 minutes early. This opportunity is from the end of the previous recital until 15 minutes before the recital begins.

Remember at the conclusion of each segment we will take a group photo and there will be light refreshments for all to enjoy. Pictures will be available at the next lesson for any who would like to purchase them. Oh, and three students at each program will win prizes!

Summer Lessons

Please be in touch with your teacher about when the last lesson in June will be. Some will finish early in the month while others will need to take the entire month in order to get the 36 promised lessons for which you've paid.

The past several years, I've very much enjoyed offering some alternate music learning to regular piano lessons (we called this Summer Zando), but this year I am going to pause those offerings and save those for summer of 2025. We will however be offering continuing lessons for those who wish to press forward during July & August. Those available dates will vary among teachers so please ask.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!


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