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Keeping Track of What's Happening

Multiple students have agreed to play at Stone Ridge Towne Center in a few weeks. This will be Saturday afternoon, February 24, at 2:00. If you are coming, please arrive 10 minutes early to get your order & become acclimated in the room. Thank you for participating!

Enter at This Door (under the porch roof right into the room where we're playing). This Towne Center sign & outside seating area faces Railroad Street and is to the right of the main entrance.


Saturday, April 27 for our Spring Recital! As we did last year, there will be several smaller recitals held throughout the day beginning at 9:30 am and continuing until 7:00 pm. Those sign-ups will be out early in March but if you need more information sooner, please just ask. Be on the lookout for a change of venue this year!!

June Lessons

Don't forget your regular tuition, or your 10-month tuition continues through June. If teachers have missed zero lessons your 36 lessons will be accomplished by the first lesson in June. Be in touch with your teacher about when to anticipate your last regular lesson. Most teachers will continue to the 36 lessons through the third or even fourth week of the month because of misses earlier in the school year.

Summer Zando

Soon the website will have your July & August options should you want them. You'll find Piano Guts returning for the fourth year, along with Teamwork!, Working out the Chords and Let's Make a Song! During July & August you'll be able to continue with more limited, but still regular lessons, take a break from lessons, or take advantage of the other learning opportunities. More information can be found at this link:


As you go and talk with other people, please remember Forte offers lessons on violin, guitar, bass guitar, viola & harp as well as piano. You might have a friend interested in a different instrument.

Slow & Steady

Just like most everything else, studying music is a journey and a gradual learning. The pace can feel so slow and only looking back do we see how far we've come. Press on and get to the piano (or your instrument) as often as possible. Play lesson material, create new things, experiment and we'll keep growing together. Just don't give up!!


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