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Drawings, Details & Summer

Many of you have signed up for the Spring Recital. THANK YOU! There are still a few who are missing. Please use the link in the email to get to that page. If it's not working, I'll gladly add your name if you email me your desire. Even though some of you are assigned a time, depending on your teacher, it's still helpful & necessary for you to get your name on the page.


Our Forte calendar says we are breaking over the Easter weekend from Wednesday, March 27 to Tuesday, April 2. However, each teacher has different situation with some not missing at all and others missing several times. Here is what I anticipate but it would still be good if you were in touch with your teacher to verify.

WEDNESDAY, March 27: Jim- Yes, Wed lessons; Shawn- No Lessons; Donna - Yes, from sick day early in January


THURSDAY, March 28: Jim- Yes, Thurs lessons; Tracy- Yes for 3/28, but No lessons 4/4; Donna- No lessons for Thurs students


MONDAY, April 1: Jessica- No Lessons; Tracy - No Lessons for Monday students

Donna- No Lessons for Monday students


TUESDAY, April 2: Derek- No Lessons 4/2 and changes for 3/26 (he'll be in touch about changing that date); Kassia - Yes, Tuesday make-ups; Donna - Yes, a Tuesday snow make-up


The deadline for the advertisements in the recital program is March 29. If you or someone you know would be willing to place an ad, please pick up a paper from Donna or use the link in the email.


Several entries have been returned already, but it's not too late to get your entry in. Student artwork is used for the cover of the recital program. If you'd like to participate, please get a paper from your teacher and return it by the last lesson in March. Winners are chosen March 29 and will be revealed when you're at the recital.


Saturday, April 27, is the recital for Forte students. You've probably already signed-up for your time. Please come to New Beginnings Charis Fellowship along 422 in Myerstown. Tell your Grandmas & Grandpas who'd like to come. There is plenty of space for whoever you'd like to bring.

There are refreshments following each recital, pictures & prizes!


Earlier I mailed a summer schedule which included a few summer options in the form of classes or other music learning. We call that Summer Zando from the music word, sforzando which means a sudden, quick attack. However, that has been changed to only lessons. Since some of the regular lessons will go through the end of June, this involves the summer months of July & August. You will have the option to have 4 or 6 lessons, (these dates given by your teacher) or to take the break & return in the fall. The link to this page is also in the email. If your answer is dependent on the dates given by your teacher, those will be out by the first week of May.

While I understand that the checkbox may not work on a phone, it may be better on a laptop for some reason. Again, if you're not able to enter any info on the page to return to me, you may print it & return, or email & I'll record your intentions.


Practice goes a very long way. Many students are taking the time at their homes to work through their music selections. Just like a basketball player doesn't just shoot 4 foul shots a week in order to be able to make them during the big game, nor can the pianist play 15 minutes in a week in order to succeed in the big program. Thank you for investing. Thank you for being present in your practice and thinking. We're all guilty of mindless activity sometimes, but to be self-analytical and able to "work it out" is important and a path to good music making.


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