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Recital or Not, Don't Miss . . . .

We Need Your Face!

Thanks to several who have emailed a picture to use for the Spring Recital. Please take a minute to get outside and snap a photo or go to your archives and see what could be fun to share with others. As was said before, these are used to project on the front wall as you play at the recital. Those who have not handed in pictures by April 7 will not be included in the slides.


The borough office recently sent a reminder that we may not rest our vehicles at the doors in the old bus ramp. While it's fine to drop off there, when we wait (park) in the loop for several minutes, community members are impeded from driving through for the drop box. Please park or wait in the large lot for your student(s) to come down from lessons.

Easter Break

Please note we (Donna, Jolene & Jim) will not be here Wednesday, April 5 - Tuesday, April 11 because of Easter break. Derek is missing Tuesday, April 4, so guitar students have lessons on Tuesday, April 11. We love when you come, but don't come this week or you'll find no one around.

Cover Contest

If you are participating in the Cover Contest, they are to be handed in by Thursday this week, March 23. They will not be accepted on Friday or beyond.

Summer Zando

Have you visited the website to look at summer options yet? I have several registered but have many more to collect. Consider taking your summer lessons all at one time. That's called "Summer Blitz". Or "Beat Goes On" works for most students up to grade 8. "Classical Times", elementary version is perfect & engaging for students in 1-4 and the middle school version will be great for grades 5-8. If you're 4th grade or up, you'll really enjoy taking apart the piano to see the "Piano Guts"!

Remember you're either attending one of these special weeks or continuing with the 5 or 6 regular lessons for the year. Regardless of the teacher you are invited to participate in one of the Summer Zando classes. If you are continuing with regular lessons, Derek, Jim & Jolene will remain at similar times on the same days. My students will be consolidated to Tuesday & Wednesdays as much as possible.


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