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Off to a Great Start!

What’s Happening:

  • Pentascale & scale challenges are being met!

  • We’ve started a 40-piece challenge for the year. We’ll keep you updated as students begin to meet it!! I know there will be plenty!

  • I wish you could hear the improvisations. For some it’s a delight, others a fright, but we’re doing them and making spontaneous music together!

  • After keeping assignments on the computer for this past year, I’ve decided to put them back on paper each week. To that end, each student needs a three-ring binder. Most already have one, but if you’re missing it, please bring one of the many that are probably floating around your home. The Dollar Tree binders work great!

  • Students are still able to earn points towards picks from the prize basket, but each student is also on a color team. More about that later. One of the best ways to earn points is to simply practice!!!

Coming soon . . .

This is actually a 40-week curriculum that is jam-packed with fantastic music learning. If you know someone who fits the bill, let them know. Sign-up deadline is Friday, October, 9. Maybe it would work for them!!

Please pass this to families you know who may be interested!

Wear your Forte t-shirt to lessons in October! Yours is probably purple, but whatever you have, put it on top (not under your sweatshirt) to be entered in the drawing. Each week you wear it, another ticket will be added to the basket. Winner will be chosen after all lessons on Thursday, October 29 and you will have choice of a Forte cinch sak, cube timer, or a sheet music selection from Musicnotes!

If you don't have one, but would like one, see me. $8 a shirt.




I recently mailed four gift cards to families that had referred another student to Forte! While some chose Fox Meadows Creamery in Ephrata, you may want Dutch-Way, Twilight Creamery, Ice Shack, or Jubilee. If a student begins Forte lessons based on your recommendation, I’ll be contacting you to know what you would choose!!

Thanks for spreading the word!

Parents, your encouragement & support makes such a huge difference! Thank you!!


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