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Mini Musicians

This class is for our youngest friends who would enjoy a small group to explore many musical concepts.  The class serves as the perfect introduction to music lessons for your child!

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Ages 4 - 6 delight in the foundational skills of music like rhythm, listening, singing,

and beginning on the piano.  It’s not piano lessons, per se, but is an educational introduction to begin teaching your child basic musical concepts in a fun and simple way.

There is no take-home practice or even lesson books required of your student and you can be sure that each week, when we meet together, we are learning new concepts and practicing old ones.

There are two levels to our program. In the first year, Mini Musicians learn to explore

sounds, listen actively and move to music.  They are also introduced to the 2  3-black

key groups on the piano and learn to find white keys names, develop reading skills and

learn about rhythm notation.  In the second year, they begin to play more pattern-based

improvisations and learn to play folks songs on the piano together.  


Although the best time to become a Mini Musician is in September at the start of the school

year, it is possible for students to jump in at any time during the fall. To gain mastery of the material, new concepts are reviewed often. However, in the spring, we may encourage enrollment in the following fall class, as by that point, there is simply too much covered and it would be better to start with a new class.


Each week you should expect that we’ll be singing, moving, playing music and listening, a consistent recipe for ! It all turns into great fun!


Our listening time is a favorite for our students. Our Mini Musicians always look forward to listening through classic pieces of music like Peter and the Wolf, or the Nutcracker, or the Carnival of Animals while they eagerly fill in coordinating coloring pages. This class highlight always takes up the last section of our time together.

Even if you don’t have a piano at your house, Mini Musicians is still totally possible

for your child. However, if you do have an instrument, you might find your young one

playing the song we most recently learned in class!


Classes are kept small so there is space for students to receive individual attention while also keeping it manageable. Our class meets for an hour Tuesday or Wednesday morning and runs through the school year from September to May.

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