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Every Wednesday for one hour, this class is for our youngest friends who would enjoy a small group to explore many musical concepts.  It is the perfect introduction to music lessons for your child.


Ages 4 - 6 would delight in the beginning skills of music which involve rhythm, listening and creative work on the piano.  It’s not piano lessons, per se, but a chance to begin with basic ideas in a fun, and simple way.  


There is no take-home practice or even lesson books for your student but you can be sure that each week, together we are learning & practicing more components as we meet together.


In the first year, Mini Musicians learn to explore sounds, listen actively and move to music.  They also get introduced to the piano keys, develop reading skills and learn about rhythm notation.  In the second year, they begin to play more pattern-based improvisations and learn to play folks songs on the piano together.   


It’s okay if you don’t have a piano at your house and you’re not negated from Mini Musicians because of this. However, you may find it to be a nice benefit if students have keys or bells or something to experiment with sounds in the same way that we do in class.


  • Class meets weekly for 60 minutes.

  • Class size is limited to keep it manageable & students get individual attention.

  • If you miss the beginning and if there’s room, you can join at any time throughout the year

  • You should expect that we’ll be singing, moving, improvising, reading music & listening each week that we’re together.