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Fall Piano at Forte

Greetings Studio Family!  September marks the beginning of a new piano year and I'm excited to get started.  It's so nice to have you back to weekly meetings once again.  Please find some details below that you will need.


By now you have your lesson times settled and all the puzzle pieces fit.  

Please be in touch as we need to make adjustments.  


Please attend to the calendar noting the performance at Stone Ridge, group lesson weeks and days off. I will give you more details about your specific time & date for the group classes very soon.  In your email I have it in this format so that if you print it back to back you'll have one to cut out and put on your frig or another noticeable spot.  


Fall 2019                                                           Spring 2020

Performance Performance

Sat, Nov 16, Music with the Seniors               Th, April 23, Spring Recital

Stone Ridge Towne Center, 2:00 program    Mt Aetna Bible Church, 7:00

Piano Class (no regular lessons)                     Piano Class (no regular lessons)

M, T, Th:Oct 14, 15, & 17                                   M, T, Th:Feb 17, 18, & 20

No Lessons No Lessons

M, September 2, Labor Day                             March 16, 17, 19

November 25, 26 & 28                                     April 27, 28, 30

December 24 – Jan 2                                       M, May 25, Memorial Day

Make –Up Days Make –Up Days

Oct 14, Nov 25                                                 March 16, April 27


30-minute lessons paid monthly rate was raised $5.  This can be averted by paying the trimester payment (Sept, Oct, Nov) which hasn't changed at all.  

I appreciate Paypal, however, be aware that a 3% fee is added for that convenience.

To use checks **please make them out to Forte Piano Studio.** That's NEW FOR THIS YEAR


I enjoy lending out my books to add to your musical repertoire but sometimes those books don't get back on my shelves.  Would you please check in your pile of books if any that you have are mine and return at your next lesson!  No shame, I don't do a good job of keeping track, but I know they're expensive to replace.


Please note the attached policy.  All of this can be found on the website.    


If you are pleased with your lessons, would gladly make a recommendation, can speak of something you really like or that has been a nice change since you've been with me, would you consider jotting it down in a sentence or maximum two sentences to be added to the webpage.  For the ones that we add to the website, I will reduce your tuition by $10 for a testimonial and if you're willing to put your face next to it (it will be small), I'll discount it by $20.  


Congratulations on reading to the end!  This is a lot of information.  Please reply to verify your fall lesson slot and that you were able to access the other information attached to this email.  A simple "Got it" will be fine.  

That's plenty for now!!

Thanks much!

Donna LaRue

Forte Music Studio


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