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Winter Wonderland

Greetings, everyone! To keep you up to date I have a few things concerning your lessons at Forte Piano.

Snow Days

As we're in the season of snow days & inclement weather, we will follow the Forte policy which states:

If the ELCO school district is closed or dismisses early Forte Studio will follow suit. As I learn of these changes in schedule, I will try to email you. This will be the time for an online lesson if you choose to go that route. I will not be able to make up those lessons otherwise.

Please text or email me if you have questions or are unclear about whether we are meeting.

Days Off

If you are keeping track by your Forte calendar, you see we have no days off until April, over Easter time. We are not breaking for the January & February Monday holidays that impact our public buildings or sometimes schools.

HOWEVER, if you are a Thursday student, please know I will be not available for lessons Thursday, February 24, as we are travelling to our son's graduation. It is my miss & it will be made up. You can be assured you will not lose the lesson for which you've paid.

Updated Webpage

Please stay tuned for a soon coming webpage that will look refreshed & renewed. We've taken many new pictures & tried to rework some of the format. I'm not very familiar with SEOs & the world of social media like some are, but I know that if you leave a rating on the google business page, it helps my site. Please, if you get there leave an honest opinion knowing that others are also searching for lessons. What did you want to know when you were searching? And what would have helped you make a decision.

Practice Pie

Practice Pie is a small book that is on the little table right outside the studio door. If you wait in the hallway while your student is here, take some time to read it. It contains information about how you as a parent can help your student do a better job practicing. This author begins with the pie analogy for piano playing saying that we would not just set our children, at most ages, loose in the kitchen all to bake a pie by themselves until we know they've had some experience & we trust they are good to do it on their own.

So why would we do that for piano practice? It's an advanced skill and a long journey. The pie plate is the foundation which she equates to practicing. Without a pie plate we have nothing to put the mixture into. So it is with piano lessons. Practice is not only helpful but essential.

While it's always my goal to keep music fun, this author emphasizes that if students practice, they WILL enjoy piano more. Many will think just the opposite that if they enjoy it, they will practice. Not so. People in general tend to be lazy & do things the easy way. I know I do. Here's where perseverance & some grit must take over. It's good for us!!

That's just the opening. I'll tell more later.

Lending Library

For those of you who wait while your student is playing, there is a lending library next door at Little Bee's Preschool. I've been asked to share with you the option of using it as you pass by or as you wait. You'll notice a little more information when you get to the shelf outside her door.

Spring Recital

Since we've now switched to 2022, have you marked the recital date on your calendar? You will have the option of participating either Thursday, April 28 or Friday, April 29 and hopefully it will work out to be about half of you on one evening & the other half the second night.


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