Buddy Lessons

This is quickly becoming our favorite option at Forte Piano!  

For beginning students up until the intermediate levels it’s great to have the benefit of both private & group time.  

For now, the Buddy Lesson option at Forte gives the benefit of 30 minutes of private one-on-one lessons with the teacher, as well as opportunity to have 15 minutes of overlapping time with the “buddy” student that arrives just prior or after.  


It’s built-in duet time (you might be surprised at how well duets can assist in rhythm development!) as well as fun theory games or challenges which reinforce, review & assist in teaching what we see on these music pages. 


Students as young as 5 could start with 45-minute buddy lessons.  

While we may not have the opportunity to begin in buddy lessons (that would depend on scheduling and who is starting when you are), it’s great to move towards this option giving partnership with a fellow piano student who shares in the journey. 

While creative music on the spot is probably not something that you did in your childhood piano lessons, it’s something that we do now from the word go!  These spontaneous creations, or improvisations, are part of our learning and an exciting way to bring all students, not just those bent to playing what they hear, into the satisfaction of making music.  

Do you feel concerned that your child might not be able to focus for this much time?  Short attention spans have been readily able to enjoy our time together as we have varied activities and whenever possible use a gamified approach to learning.  

We soon hope to have 60-minute buddy lessons as well so as to offer even more to our students with 40 minutes of private instruction and 20 minutes of shared time!!