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Where Will You be Friday Evening?

Come see three of our seniors who will be performing in their Sr. Recital, Friday evening, March 18, 7:00, here at the studio. You'll be inspired & captivated by River Flows in You, Clementi Sonatinas, a dramatic Schubert duet, and more.

Information pages & Pics

Thank you for getting information to me in the All About You form. It's a great help in creating the recital slides & doesn't take up lesson time. However, I do need photos from many of you. A shot from the backyard is fine & doesn't have to be fancy.

Cover Contest

Many students have taken pages to submit a drawing for the cover to the recital program. I am certain there will be many wonderful entries & indeed the choosing will be difficult, but in the end only one student's work will grace the cover of our spring recital program. Remember to draw your picture tall (portrait orientation) & include the vital information that was on the handout. Markers, colored pencils, chalk, black & white . . . it's up to you!! Hard deadline is March 31!

Recital Invites

Have you invited friends & other family to the spring recital? Don't miss out! Whether you are attending Thursday, April 28 or Friday, April 29, we begin at 7:00 at Mount Aetna Bible Church in Mt Aetna.

Summer Zando

Summer is creeping closer and schedules change. Perhaps you've noticed the website has summer opportunities listed which is our Summer Zando (from sfzorzando, the Italian music word for quick, sudden emphasis).

I did not list dates for these because they aren't set. I hope that doesn't make it more difficult for you as I'd like to determine interest then try to find the days necessary for those enrolled. Choose 1, 2 or 3 classes that might interest or stretch you! Any of these will amply meet the 6 required summer lessons that are leftover from the year. These are paid by your summer tuition. Non-Forte students are welcome at $130/class (save the Mini-Musicians which is $92/6 classes).

DEADLINE to sign-up for current Forte students is Tues, May 3, 2022. Please let me know your intentions concerning the summer. If this is your first summer, or not, I totally understand you may have questions. I'd be happy to talk about it. I reserve the right to approve & disapprove students depending on level, experience & numbers.

If you are in grade 1-4 or 5-7, please consider Goin' Baroque. It is a heap of history focusing on three musical giants of the time period as we learn about Bach, Vivaldi & Handel who wrote the famous oratorio, "The Messiah". Our time together has been loved by all who have participated in the past & comes highly recommended.

The Beat Goes On allows us to focus on rhythm and the many combinations that persist in our music pages. Who wouldn't like beating on the top of a bucket with drum sticks, using Solo cups as instruments & getting out the rhythm instruments for some fun? While younger students may participate, this is perfect for grades 4-8 who have been in lessons for at least a year. Middle schoolers should not shy away from this!

It might seem as though writing your own song is out of reach, but I'm certain that it's not. The Composition class would allow us to work together on getting your ideas down on paper & ending with your performance of an original work. A laptop would be a good help but isn't mandatory although they would need to have a computer available to them at home. I'm excited about what you'll come up with!

For those who just want to make tracks & would rather not take several lessons spread out over 3 months of summer, Book Blitz would help you focus the time & concentrate on moving through pages in a few days. Really anyone could do this but I particularly had in mind those still in curriculum books. If you're not sure, just ask.

For our youngins (ages 4-6) there is something for you too! Current Mini Musicians will have the option to continue meeting through the summer while those not already enrolled will be able to participate in music activity as well. Probably once a week for an hour (see above for schedule), get your child in for some music fun!!

Finally, there is Piano Guts. Bring out the screwdrivers & let's get to work as we totally disassemble a piano & find out what's all in there. Down to the strings, it proves to be a fascinating time. Limited to 6 students.

T-Shirt Month

May is t-shirt month where any students who wear a Forte t-shirt to lessons will be entered in an end-of-the-month drawing. I will be consulting with students prior to May & will reveal that later. If you don't have, you will opportunity to buy one at the recital or anytime at the studio. $10 They are available in purple, grey & most recently a sport red!

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