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Pre-Recital Helps

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

If this is your first . . .

The spring recital takes place on a Thursday evening, April 23, beginning at 7:00 at Mount Aetna Bible Church in Mt. Aetna, PA. Please plan to attend this full & fun evening.

Not only do you get to hear the great music from all our wonderful students, we also include information and learning tools for each student’s piece via PowerPoint, opportunities to win door prizes (the more who show up for your student, the more chances they have to win), and refreshments at the close.

Students should dress-up. We’ll be taking lots of pictures & video some of which land on the web.

A little different . . .

In the past, I’ve included photos of each student which is projected as they play. Although I can still get pictures of the students, if you would like to email one to me, that would be most helpful and then you or your child has control of what is shown! Deadline for submission, April 4.

Program Cover . . .

If you like to draw, please consider submitting your artwork to be used as the cover of our program. Details of size, necessary information & orientation will be out soon.

The deadline for that submission is Monday, April 13. Please note, previous winners may not enter and I always ask an outside source to make that selection for me.

Totally different . . .

This will be first for our studio, but if at all possible, would you help your student get to Mt Aetna Bible for a Wednesday, April 22, review. It’s really a rehearsal but since we’re trying to keep surprises I don’t want to say too much about it. We’ll practice from 7 to 8 but if you come at 6:30, I’ll throw in some pizzas for a simple pre-recital party. By nature of private lessons, we seldom get to interact with others and for this time, we’d like to try something all-together. Please come if at all possible.


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