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NEW Location!!

Has Moved!

Our new address: 101 S Railroad Street

Myerstown Community Center, 2nd floor.

As of Tuesday, July 20, no one should come to 805 S Railroad for lessons. As I've met with most of you this week, I've been telling the news, but this is our official announcement! Next lesson? Come to our new location!

While my husband & I have been very busy lately, we're so excited to be making the shift! It's been a 2 1/2 year journey for Doug & me as we've looked at places, prayed, asked lots of questions & finally landed just up the street.

These pictures might help. The first is of the Community Center & borough offices. This is our new home & the old Myerstown Elementary School. If you're familiar with Myerstown, this place is known to you.

The second is the doors at the side of the building on Carpenter Street. These are the door where you will drop off & enter for lessons.

While it's possible to enter at the main doors during the day (up to 4:00) it will be easiest & a good habit if we get accustomed to entering from this side location. For anyone coming at 4:00 or after, this side door will be the only option for entrance.

Parents have an easy exit if they are just dropping off. If you are staying, or have driven yourself, you'll see lots of parking in the back.

In Picture #3 notice there is a keypad on the right that you'll need to use to unlock the doors. You've received the code in your email. Those side doors say "Not an Entrance" which is true for most people but be assured it is where Forte students should enter.

Once you're inside, you'll need to go up 3 flights of steps to get to the second floor. I'll have Forte signs so I'm confident it will not be confusing to you.

On the second floor, you'll see our music stand straight ahead in the hallway. It will mark our Forte classroom. Years ago, the second floor was filled with many classrooms of children. It is exciting to see it begin to fill once again in a different way.

Especially these first days parents are definitely invited to come and see our new space as well. I'm sure the set-up will continue for several weeks (dare I say months?) as we keep adding small parts, but by the time you see it, most of the big parts will be in place.

In our new context, students will be able to wait in the hallway until it's time for their lesson.

Finally, this is extra sweet for me because before my children were born this is one of the schools where I taught for several years. I know the teacher whose room I am now filling. I can picture the students as children. Today they are 30 + years of age. 😉 It's a full circle & a new stage for Forte as the opportunity for expansion is now more real than ever.

And YOU are a significant part of it!!! What blessing! So much fun!


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