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Glad Joy at Poplar Run

Thank you so much for many who were with us last Monday evening for a delightful evening of playing & listening at Stone Ridge, Poplar Run. New & veteran students participated, families and residents came out to pack the room. Even after many opportunities of playing, even years, a brain that goes to mush, a shaky foot, sweaty hands or whatever other physical symptom that comes out when you play is part of the struggle, but students, look what you did! It surely went so well for everyone.


Please visit this page to reserve your spot for the Spring Recital. The link was shared in the email. You've probably already put it down on your calendar for Saturday, April 29 at 3 separate times. If you are in lessons with Jolene, it makes sense to have all her students at one time which is why your names are already listed. Please make arrangements to come at 10:00 am. Similarly, Jim has chosen for his students to participate at 4:00 which is why your names are already filled in.

For my students, if you care about the time, please insert your name now. I cannot anticipate which time will be the most preferred, but I would be very satisfied to know everyone got their first choice.

Start Snapping!!

By March 18, I will ask everyone to send an electronic picture of your student to for use at the recital. An outdoor or indoor candid is fine as well as a formal picture. Really, whatever photo you have that is crisp & clear will work adequately. For most students, I already have a picture that I could use like Oscar's here, but many parents will want a different background from the chalkboard. A significant amount of time is spent preparing slides & the program for this day and your help makes it all the better.

Violin Coming Soon!

I'm extra pleased to tell you it won't be too long before you'll begin to see new street signs to advertise the coming of a string teacher to Forte. Hurray!! I'll share more later. Continue please to get the word out if you know someone who wouldn't mind filling up an evening with students. Of particular interest is piano but other instruments are also welcome.


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