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Bringing Delight to Others

We're so close to our program at Stone Ridge where I'm certain you'll be appreciated. While learning to play the piano has great personal benefit, another valued goal is letting others in on the enjoyment! Thank you for scheduling this opportunity in your calendar & joining us for this evening!

Our program, Monday evening, February 13, begins at 6:30, but it would be a great help if you were there by 6:15 so you can be sure you receive an order and generally get acclimated. You'll enter where it says East Entrance (see above picture). Those doors are typically locked but we will have someone stationed there to make it accessible.

I was told we may park in the spots that face the vinyl sided gymnasium, as well as the diagonals where the white SUV is parked in the picture (picture 1). Some of these are labeled for specific roles but since it is evening, those may be used by us. Others may park in the space between the church & gymnasium. We should not be using any of the gold numbered spots as these are for residents only!

With everyone playing just one song, I believe we'll be able to stay within the hour.

Spring Recital Celebration

Soon the sign-up sheet will be out for the spring recital. It will be held Saturday, April 29 at three different times all at Mount Aetna Bible Church. Your options will be 10:00 am, 1:00 pm & 4:00 pm. There will be 27 spots at each time and once they are filled you will no longer have the option of signing up at that time. Please be on the alert so that you can get what you would most prefer.

Summer Zando

This is our summer program which features a few classes that meet the requirement for the rest of the 40 lessons that we haven't accomplished in the school year. Elementary students should definitely consider taking part in Classical Times, as this will be all about composer greats like Mozart, Beethoven & Haydn. Also, Beat Goes On is appropriate for elementary & middle school students, all about rhythm. Piano Blitz & Piano Guts might also work for you and are smaller groups that work together. These options are recently live on the website where you can sign up at your convenience. Your choice is to participate in Summer Zando or continue with the remaining five or six lessons from June 12 - August 25. We'll talk more about this.


Recently, I mailed more gift cards because of a Forte referral that was given to a friend. Don't forget if YOU tell someone about Forte, ask them to tell me. You could be the next recipient of some Ice Shack goodies just because of a conversation!

Preschool Classes

Recently, there has been lots of busyness & commotion happening on the second floor of the Myerstown Community Center. It's only been 18 months since Forte has moved to this floor and much of that time it's been very quiet. But as of this week, six 3-year-old Head Start classes, which typically met in Lebanon, have moved to our floor. There was a water pipe that caused damage to their building, hence, the scramble to find other suitable space. What's better than an old elementary school? That explains the lockers and other miscellaneous paraphernalia. I'm excited to have them as neighbors and anticipate it will have no bearing on our lessons and work in our rooms, but if you notice a problem, please let me know.

Music Teachers

If you know anyone who teaches a musical instrument, or perhaps might be interested in teaching, please send them my way. I am looking to add a few teachers and am in the process of getting some of that set up. I need more piano teachers, but also brass, woodwinds or strings are welcome.


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