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14 and Counting Down!

Counting down to the recital, that is! Soon, we'll be together for an evening of celebration! Please read to the bottom as there is important schedule information.

Thank you so much for making it out to the group lessons this past Saturday! It was a big help for all of us to experiment with our finale and put skin on conversations that have been going on for two months.

Cover of the Recital Program

The winner has been chosen! We had wonderful entries this year and the picking was a bit challenging. I have nothing to do with the decision however and the winner is revealed on recital night!


If you've not been to a Forte Recital before, or even if you have, would you please brief these relevant items:

  • You're coming to Mount Aetna Bible Church in Mount Aetna, located behind

Mancino's Pizza in the center of town. You'll turn left at the pizza shop & right at the next block. The church sits back a bit.

  • There is no limit on who may come. Bring as many family & friends as you want. I'll set up plenty of chairs so that we won't be crowded.

  • I'll ask everyone, not just the students, to put their name on a small white paper that will be used for our prizes at the end of each segment. The more names a student has in the basket, the greater his options to win. One paper per person, please. ;-)

  • For the 6:00 group, if you come 10 or so minutes early, that helps us to begin on time.

  • For the 7:30 group, would you be able to come by 7:15 in hopes of getting a picture of all the students (6:00 & 7:30) together?

  • I like to take a student group picture at the end of the evening. With the two sections this year, it's a bit unique. Depending on when our 6:00 portion ends, I'll hope it will work for you to hang around for a few extra minutes. However, if we end 20 or so minutes before the next group, we'll take a picture of the early group, and a separate 7:15 picture of the second group. So for 2021, our student picture will be taken between the two groups.

  • Refreshments at the end of our performances are normal. You're invited to stay if you can.

  • Please ask if you're curious about something I haven't addressed.


If you have lessons on a Thursday after 3:00, on recital day there will be no lessons that afternoon as I will be moving to the church for further recital preparation.

We didn't take an Easter break or spring break, but we will take the week after the recital off. Thus, no lessons May 3-7. See you back Monday, May 10.

More information about summer schedule will be coming to you the week after the recital. Lots of fun plans!

Finally, unrelated to piano, I'm splitting some more hosta. Does anyone want so

me? I'd be happy to share so let me know.

Blessed to know you! So thankful for your support!


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