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Winners & Reminders

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Friday, May 3, 2019 by Donna LaRue

What a delightful evening we enjoyed last night!  Students, you prepared well, played well and it's exciting to see such a great job.  Thank you parents, friends and family for showing such support as we had a great turn-out last evening at the recital.   

Congratulations to winners!

FREE Forte Piano Studio T-SHIRTS

   -Alia & Ayrika Zook's friend

   -Kaylisa Montijo's grandmother

   -Aimee Reece's sister

   -Devon Good's nephew


    -Ben Fenstermaker

    -Giselle Algier 


    -Gideon Fenstermaker


    -Jaislie Sheaffer's parents

T-Shirts are For Sale!  They are $8.  Several of you got one as of last evening.  You can get one at the next lesson or anytime.  I have youth M & L, adult S, M, L & XL.  For the month of May, each time a student wears their Forte Piano Studio t-shirt to lessons, they will be entered in a Dairy Queen drawing at the end of the month.  Four lessons, four entries-- if you have and wear your t-shirt.  

Did you work on the "On the Look Out" puzzle?  This was matching composers that you saw in your program to the correct music period.  It was one of the two puzzles I meant to briefly talk about last evening and I didn't.  If you worked on it and still have it, bring it to lessons.  I know you didn't find anything about Hassler, and Kuhlau was in the slides that we missed there in the middle. Same for the word search.  It was big and full.  Maybe you worked on it.  If you did and still have it, bring it along.  

I have "Busy Bunnies", a small book that one of our young friends left in the pocket in the back of the chair.  Let me know if it's yours!

Thanks to the parents who filled out permission forms for media use.  I'll be in touch with others who want to sign one. 

If you ordered a picture, I anticipate you'll get that in your email this coming week.  I do not have those yet but will get them from Tate when he returns from a week's vacation. Also, I have the audio files of each student and hope to get those on google drive to share in this next week.  

Students, I'll see you next week.  Take a break for a few days and we'll work through something along the lines of chord charts or lead sheets in our next lesson.  After recital is a perfect time for it and these are fantastic skills to explore.


Donna LaRue


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