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Stoneridge & Studio Class - YES!

I began the calls in July, added the tentative date to your piano calendar but never heard anything . . .  until last week.  No more pencils, this one requires a pen.  We ARE scheduled to play at StoneRidge Towne Center (Park & Railroad St, Myerstown) Tuesday evening, November 13, 2018.  6:45 meeting time, 7:00 program.

Clearly, this will disrupt anyone with Tuesday lessons but actually, it will change lessons for everyone.  Here's the chance for the studio classes I've been hoping to have this fall.  

MONDAY, November 12, all students 6th grade & up will come for a studio class 5:30 - 8:00.  We will have a chance to play for each other and work through some theory and group activities together.  I'm confident we will have no trouble filling the time.  If you want me to be more specific, I can be later as I work on the lesson plans.  Although this is not a regular lesson please bring your piano bag anyway since your notebook will be there and we can add pages if we need to.  We will have some snacks but not supper so eat something before you come.

TUESDAY, November 13, all students.  Arrive at StoneRidge Towne Center at 6:45 with 7:00 program.  Parents, friends are welcome but not required to attend.  Selections will not need to be memorized. It is laid back & I will announce you as you play.  I expect we'll be through about 8. Blue jeans are fine or nice school clothing.  

THURSDAY, November 15, students 5th grade & under come to the piano room 4:30 - 7.  Same as the older group we will have chances to play for one another and have different group activities focused on lots of rhythm and ensemble work. Bring your regular piano bag.  I will provide a simple supper and we will take time out to eat together.

This schedule will negate any regular lessons Monday afternoon or evening, Tuesday afternoon & Thursday morning or afternoon.  

Please reply if your student will 1) be able to participate in the Tuesday, Nov 13 Stoneridge program and 2) if your student will be able to participate in the Mon and/or Thurs studio class. For those of you with multiple students, I realize this will be more than regular running especially if they fall in different age categories.  I also realize extracurricular activities may already be in place on the calendar.  If you cannot get to the class, the Tues performance opportunity will count as the lesson since it's value is as good or better than a lesson. 


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