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Fall is Upon Us . . .

and it brings not only the beginning of another school year but a start to extra-curricular activities that our children choose to be in. Some will go back to sports teams, others dance or church programs, but YOU are coming back to piano! Others are continuing what you've been doing much of the summer! Good for you that you're sticking to it & willing to grow more.

I like the wording "pressing on". It's the acquiring of new skills because of good practice & developing constructive habits. Like any growth, it's the movement from lower to higher & smaller to greater. It's thrilling and motivating and yet, pressing is not easy. It's not all fun & jitters. Sometimes it takes tenacity & grit. It takes focus & diligence. Because of this hard work we are cheering you on! We, teachers here at Forte, want to be hugely encouraging you & delighting in the small successes that come as you work & grow. We learn together & it's a pleasure to have you with us in the journey.


Please print the calendars & keep them handy so that you're not guessing if we have lessons for example on Columbus Day. When does Thanksgiving break start? Are we off because your school is off? Yes, your calendar is your friend. While we'll try to give reminders the week(s) prior, sometimes that's not foolproof so a calendar on your refrigerator or at your desk is a good thing.

Wear Your T-Shirt

All of September, at each lesson, wear your t-shirt to lessons and be entered into the drawing on the last day of the month. It must be on top (not under your sweatshirt) to be entered. If you wear it 3 different weeks, you're entered 3 times. If you do not have a t-shirt, they are available to purchase for $10. I have XS youth to XL adult sizes.

Summer Zando

What fun we've had this summer in at Goin' Baroque I & II, Piano Guts, Book Blitz & The Beat Goes On. It all feels like ancient history. You'll see some more pictures at the studio this month.


Each month you'll receive an invoice. Even if you've paid the quarter, or some of you pay for the entire year, you may still get an invoice. Remember, an invoice doesn't mean you owe. When you open it, it may say PAID in big red letters.

Please if you disagree or don't understand your invoice, ask questions. While I try to be very diligent, you wouldn't be the first one to have an unintended error on your bill.


Even if you've been with Forte for several months or even years, it could be very helpful for you to go to the website & read (or reread) the policy.

All kinds of questions are answered there, and it will be a great reminder about how we're trying to operate.

A significant & recurring question concerns missed lessons. Please know that the general rule is that we cannot make-up lessons that you miss. We understand that for many good reasons things come up that conflict with your lesson time, but the restraint of space & available times (which is to say they are severely slim) makes it difficult, if not impossible, to meet at an alternative time. We try to be fair & more than reasonable with you, our valued students & families.


Please be sure your teacher's cell number & email are in your phone or address book. Sometimes it's necessary to send messages quickly if you're late or have to miss. We'll try to be responsive to those, but if we don't reply, it's because we're teaching! We do get your messages, but you appreciate our full attention to be with your child when it's their turn and we would want that to be true for each student.


Did you know there are now multiple teachers filling the rooms at Forte? While you've been on the beach or vacationing at the mountains, there have been many new students joining us this summer especially due to the fact that there are now three teachers giving piano instruction. Plus, you learned earlier about the addition of Derek, the guitar guy, who is also adding new students. It's a great place to be! Don't lose your spot!!

We appreciate you!


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