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Christmas Coffeehouse & Goods

Already we're practicing & preparing lots of great sounds of the Christmas season as we look forward to a Friday evening together. Reserve Friday, December 9 for some Christmas music & goodies. We'll meet at Mt. Aetna Bible Church at 6:30, same place as the spring recital. However, it's much more relaxed & casual. You can mingle, you can visit, you can get drinks & goodies whenever you want.

What I need you to do: 1) Please let me know if you are able to participate in this wonderful but optional performance opportunity! Your help is needful mostly because it will impact our lessons & how we are preparing music over the next weeks. Also, the number of students attending will impact our space & beverage supplies that need to be purchased.

2) Let me know WHEN you'd like to come. Are you planning on being there at the start? Are you staying the whole time. You may, but if 6:30 is too soon, come at 7, or 7:30 and do the second half. How wonderful to spend the whole evening, 6:30 - 8:30 with us! I understand this one might be harder to project, but a good guess would be helpful. Unlike the spring recital, this is a venue to be in & out as you like. There are no programs so the order of the program will be impromptu and managed that evening. Student sign-ins will help us know we've covered all the songs they hoped to play.

3) Let me know if you'd be willing to bring a plate of goodies. Cookies, or bars, or treats. Do you have a family favorite over the holidays? Think a plate or tray; about 2 doz.

So your reply to could look something like this:

1) yes, we're planning to attend

2) 7:00 - 8:00

3) yes, 2 doz. Chocolate Chip cookies

Even if you are unable to attend, please reply by the end of next week, Fri, October 28.

T-Shirt Winner

All through September many of you wore your purple, gray, or red Forte t-shirts and had your name placed in the bucket each time you did. After the last lesson of the month, first-grader, Ellie Ebersole, was chosen from all the other names. She got a Forte water bottle with popcorn inside. Congratulations, Ellie, winner of September's t-shirt contest. Look for it again in May, 2023!

NEW T-Shirts

Did you know there will soon be new t-shirts available? Scuba blue was chosen as the color of choice & will be close to the color swatch on the right. I'm looking for those to arrive within the next few weeks. They will be for sale at $15.

Yamaha Keyboards

If anyone is interested, I have two keyboards that I no longer need. They are $40 each. If you care to look it up, they are Yamaha YPG535. Stands & music rack are included. You can see them in the second Forte room. They do not have pedals or benches. A decent pedal purchased new is about $25.

The keys are touch sensitive but not weighted. That means that the instrument will respond to dynamic changes (you play strong it's louder/play lightly it's soft) but they do not feel like piano keys. Not my favorite for piano study but in some cases they might work great.

Do You Want to Play the Organ?

I was contacted by a gentleman in Robesonia who also has an organ to give away. Lowrey Fiesta LC25 has two keyboards & is a decent size instrument. Look it up! If you're interested, it doesn't get better than free! Call Dave at (610)952-1830.

Getting Close to 50

I have several students who are getting close to 50 points. Each week they actually get a point by just coming to lessons, but the bulk of their points come from the time they practice at home. They are to be recording those times on their lesson sheets in their notebooks. Elementary students look forward to picking something small from the "red box". Older students are work toward local gift cards. Keep practicing!

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