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A Taste for What's to Come . . .

Even with 50 plus degrees outside right now as I work on this, a primrose is a lovely sight for anyone. Yesterday, a friend brought me one with the sure promise that "Spring is coming!"

As we're prepping for the recital, practicing & making our choices, we've lots to get done. Please don't miss the details.


A reminder to my Thursday students: I will not be at lessons on February 24. Although we won't be meeting on this normally scheduled day, you won't miss out on the lesson as it will be made up before summer!


When Should I Come?

I have your recital choice! Thanks for getting back to me about which day you will be attending. Attached to the email was a form that has you listed in either Thursday or Friday's date. Please be sure to check that I have you where you chose, or if you allowed me to choose, please notice which evening you should appear!!

Please Fill this Out!

The email also included a link to the "All About Me" page, which should be filled out by Thursday, March 3. Included in the form is this explanation of how the information is

used: If the recital is new to you, you’re wondering what this is about. For many piano students, piano is a solitary venture, so consequently, we do not get to know others. Hence when we come to the recital, I like to introduce students not only to the parents but to each other. Please answer what is comfortable for you since whatever is on here has the potential to be shared with others. While that probably means you will not be answering every question, please give as much information as you can.

Recital Cover

For the artists among us who like to doodle & draw, here's your chance to enter the Cover Contest for the recital program. Follow the directions on the form attached to the email & start drawing. I'll also have forms available at the studio if you'd like to get one there. I never choose the winner but give them to another adult not connected to the studio & who doesn't know the students.

Student Pics

If you don't already have one, please be thinking about when you'll take pictures of your student(s). The digital photo should be sent to me by March 31. This could be a simple backyard shot or a school picture is great too. I'll be happy to show you some examples if you'd like.

Mini Musicians

For our Mini Musician friends, please be thinking if you would like to be included in next year's line-up for class. That means different things depending on which group you are currently a part.

You're currently in Level 1, the 4-year-old class: Sign-up for next year's Level 2! It is so profitable & I'd encourage you to continue forward. Please sign-up at the website and invite your friends!

You're currently in Level 2, the 5- or 6-year-old class: After finishing level 2 of Mini-Musicians, you are perfectly suited to begin regular piano lessons. If this is your desire or hope, please communicate that to me as I will need to make room for our incoming students. You can do that via the website under "Sign Up".

Summer Camps

Be on the lookout for summer information coming by the end of this month. I'm looking forward to Bach to Baroque, The Beat Goes On, Piano Guts & Composition to just get started.

Practice Pie

Last time I told you about the book for parents in the studio hallway. It's ways that we can help our students at home since after all, you make a significant difference for your student in what happens after piano lessons. After establishing the habit practice at a regularly scheduled time each day (the pie dish, the container), then comes the flour, or time spent. How do we help our students be fully engaged in their practice? While it's good to just get to the piano, it's better to work through the goals we talked about at lessons. Make the practice count. Make it productive. Set small goals to accomplish each day. That's too big of a job for many to establish themselves. With busy days it's difficult to get your kids started on the right track, but maybe your presence with them at the piano, or your interest in asking questions & trying to learn what they're up to will be a motivator that keeps them working hard. It's a very short chapter (pages 13 - 17) & might give you ideas you hadn't used before.

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