Private Lessons

Regardless of age, a 45-minute lesson may be your best option. This structure and manner of learning is a great way to help students continue on in music learning and grow to become lifelong participants & lovers of music.  


Are you a beginner piano student?  From primary school through high school, you would be best suited for the 45-minute lesson. It’s not too long for even our youngest as there is learning on our giant floor staff, moving through the game board of skips & steps, or tapping rhythms on our bongos.


We practice our old music as well as our new and maximize learning at the piano and away from it.  

If you’re more advanced, your repertoire selections are longer so a shorter lesson just wouldn’t allow us opportunity to get through what you’ve practiced.  


Plus, what you’re practicing at home is only one element of it.  Add to it, improvisation, chord-playing, lead-sheets, composition, scale & interval challenges and the time just flies by!

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